Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Inspiring Leadership

One sixteen year old is creating potentially life-saving drones. Another nineteen year old composed a rap song called “Daughters for Sale” and posted it on You Tube, eventually preventing her from being sold as a child bride in Afghanistan. These are but two of the five young inspiring leaders who the seventh grade read about in Mrs. Glassberg’s Social Studies class last week. The article, “Changing the World”, appeared in their current events magazine, Upfront, and highlighted five inspiring young people who are doing remarkable things to contribute to changing the world for the better. What character traits do these remarkable young people share? What has enabled them to be in a position to make a difference in the world? How can they inspire us to find the leader inside each of us? Our students were asked to choose two of the five leaders and to compose well-written paragraphs analyzing these accomplishments. They were then asked to study the “7 Habits,”taught as part of the Leader-in-Me program, and to choose two of the habits they felt each leader reflected. The students included this linkage analysis in their compositions. Commenting on the woman who created the rap song, Samantha Rigante stated, "…she was being proactive, she didn’t run away or start crying, she used her talents for something good…she synergized with her family to come up with a better solution than being sold….she still uses both these habits today to help take a stand for women’s rights.” We are social beings and whether we look at society through an historical lense or a contemporary one, we benefit when we see the potential people have to achieve greatness—a good thought as we start the year!!

By: Mrs. Eunice Glassberg

Middle School Social Studies

Social Studies Coordinator