Thursday, November 5, 2015

We "Carry Our Own Weather" at GBDS

Do you know what it means to "Carry Your Own Weather?"

Third and Fourth graders do! Here's what it means in the words of our students:

"Carrying your own weather means when you're mad your heart is stormy, when you're sad your heart is rainy, and when you're happy, it's sunny." Ariel Aharon Gr.3

"Carrying your own weather means to control your feelings. You control how you react to things. You could react with lots of power or little power. You control how slow or fast you react. There will always be a space between your fast and slow reaction." Jacob Pomarlen Gr.4

"I carry my weather by being proactive. I decide what I do. No-one can control my feelings." Keira Efrusy Gr.4