Friday, December 4, 2015

Habit 2 and Science!

In science, the fourth graders are learning about circuits and electricity. On Tuesday, the students were given wires, batteries, motors, and bulbs and told to build a circuit.

At the end of the day, the students were working on Habit 2 of The Leader in Me. Habit 2 is 'Begin With the End in Mind'which teaches that in order achieve a goal, we have to think about all of the steps along the way - we need to have a plan. The students had to write a paragraph about themselves, as if they were coming back to our school to receive an award, having graduated from college and been very successful in life. The students wrote about what they had done in life in order to reach this moment. One of the students told us that he had become successful by doing math and building amazing computers. When Mrs. Greenwald asked him what had started him on this path to computer building and ultimate success, he said, "When I was in fourth grade, we were given wires and bulbs and batteries to make a circuit, and that's what got me started!"