Friday, April 1, 2016

Green Team at GBDS

Below is a letter written by our very own middle school students who are a part of the PR team for the “Green Team” at GBDS. The PR team includes Dani Wieselberg, Samantha Rigante, Ariella Burnstein, and Kaylee Maines.

Read below to see important updates and information about the Green Team and associated upcoming events.

Dear Parents,

        The middle school students are working together to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem within our school. Using the Leader in Me model, the Middle School has formed a Green Team that is coordinating many events. We have four different teams working hard to accomplish our goals of starting seeds in our greenhouse, transplanting seedlings to the raised bed planters, and promoting recycling throughout the school.

          Our Design team is creating raised bed planters in the shape of a Star of David. Our Planning team is searching for plants to beautify the school as well as vegetables to use in our lunch program. The kindergarten class has joined the Green Team and will help plant seeds and care for all plants. Our Recycling team is synergizing with the fourth grade by recycling plastic containers such as yogurt, deli food, takeout meals, and other plastics. They are also planning to collect and recycle electronics. The final team is the Public Relations group which is organizing and advertising our ideas of the ultimate greenhouse experience. The team is designing flyers, advertisements, press releases, and Green Team t-shirts. Students in the entire school will be active participants in the Green Team’s efforts to make the school environmentally friendly using the Greenhouse and raised beds as outdoor classrooms.

         The Green Team is also planning a celebration, co-presented with the school’s STEAM partner, PicoTurbine. At the event, the Green Team will unveil the school’s greenhouse and raised bed garden, highlight hydroponic gardening, and build mini greenhouses. In addition, PicoTurbine will be bring 3D printers allowing us to quickly design and print planters for a hydroponic garden. Please join the Green Team at the Green Team project and Green House dedication on May 15 from 12:00 to 3:00 at The Academies at Gerrard Berman Day School.


PR Team

GBDS Green Team

Friday, March 25, 2016

Recipes for Success

Students at Academies at GBDS cooked up a multitude of ways to become successful learners and leaders. These "Recipes for Success" encompassed the ingredients that each grade level believes makes them excellent students and exemplary leaders. Here they are.


First Grade Recipe for Success
1/3 cup of follow the rules

1 cup of being a buddy not a bully 

4 Tablespoons of knowing how to read and spell in English and in Hebrew 

1 1/4 teaspoon of writing neatly 

2 cups of being proactive 

½ tablespoons of synergizing 

1 teaspoon of always trying our best A pinch of having the end in mind 


1. Preheat oven to 350 . 

2. We mix 1/3 cup of follow the rules with 1 cup of being a buddy not a bully into a pan. Set aside to let it rest 

3. In a separate bowl we combine 4 Tablespoons of knowing how to read and spell in English and in Hebrew with a pinch of having the end in mind 

4. We mix in 1 1/4 teaspoon of writing neatly and 2 cups of being proactive into the pan 

5. We work together to slowly add the ingredients in the bowl to the pan and mix them together 

6. We sprinkled the ½ of a tablespoon of synergizing and a teaspoon of trying our best on top 

7. We synergized by putting the pan in the oven together 

8. Bake it for 45 minutes


Second Grade Recipe for Success


1 Cup of “ smartness”

1/3 cups of uniqueness

1 cup of cooperation

5 spoonful’s of courage

½ cup of encouragement

6 teaspoons of sharpen the saw

3 cups of synergy

1. Preheat oven to 350F.

2. Place 1 cup of “smartness” into the blender and blend until it’s mushy.

3. Add 1/3 cup of uniqueness, 1 cup of cooperation, 5 spoonful’s of courage, ½ cup of
encouragement, 6 teaspoons of sharpen the saw and 3 cups of synergy to the blender. Blend until everything is mixed well.

4. Put mixture into the baking tin. Bake for 30 minutes or until your creation looks great.

5. Dust with love and caring!

6. You just made a Successful second grader – a young learner and leader!!!!

7. Enjoy…..


Third Grade Recipe for Success

2 cups effort

5 cups knowledge

2 cups responsibility

1 ½ cups synergy

6 cups happiness

1 pt pride

1 qt leadership

1 gallon big dreams

5 tbsp generosity

3 tsp information

Handful of mistakes (optional)

A pinch of friends

A sprinkle of mess

1. Preheat the effort in a large pan.

2. Pour in the knowledge and the information.

3. Slowly add in the responsibility mixed with the synergy.

4. Carefully mix in the happiness and put to one side.

5. Combine the happiness, pride, and leadership in a bowl with the big dreams.

6. Put everything together and add the generosity.

7. Optional – add a handful of mistakes.

8. Mix well until a successful student is created.

9. Finish off with the pinch of friends and the sprinkle of mess.


Fourth Grade Recipe for Success
2 cups happiness

1 cup hard work 

½ cup determination

 2 cups practice 

1 cup belief in yourself

½ cup proactivity mixed with 1 tsp productivity 

¼ cup positive thinking 

¼ cup think win­-win 

2 tablespoons study 

3 smiles 

2 teaspoons fun 

1. Preheat the 2 cups of happiness. 

2.Mix the hard work with the determination. 

3. Put the practice and the belief together in a bowl with the proactivity and productivity. Stir. 

4.Cover with the ¼ cup of positive thinking and slowly add in the think win win. At this point, it’s a good idea to mix in the study. 

5. If you make a mistake, start over and try again. 

6. Pour the mixture into one student and let it settle.
7.Cook the mixture in a loving school, let cool, and sprinkle with the 2 teaspoons of fun


Fifth Grade Recipe For Success 

You will need:

1. 200 Gallons of Love 

2. 2 Cups of Kindness 

3. 5 Handfuls of Fun 

4. 2 Pinches of Patience 

5. 3 Sprinkles of Understanding 

6. 1 Pound of Sweetness 

7. 7 Teaspoons of Helpfulness 

8. 6 Tablespoons of Positivity

9. 4 ½ Cups of Joy 

10. 16 Ounces of Politeness 

11. 100 Gallons of Happiness 

12. 5 Pints of Laughter 


In a giant bowl combine Love, Kindness, Fun, Patience, and Understanding and make sure to mix well. Then add Sweetness, Helpfulness, Positivity, Joy, Politeness, and Happiness and mix in very well. Pour the mixture into a large cake pan. Then bake for 45 minutes. Set oven to 350. Once taken out of the oven let cool then sprinkle laughter on top. Serve and enjoy your success.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Catch A Habit Buckets

The First Graders have special "Catch A Habit" buckets outside of the classroom. When teachers or other students see a first grader doing a habit, they write down, on a small note, which habit the student did. This note gets added to that student's bucket. Each child decorated their buckets and are very excited to have them filled!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Learning about Leadership Through History

On Martin Luther King Day, the third graders learned what it means to be a true leader... in Hebrew!  Together with Morah Zina they talked about the qualities of a good leader, as exemplified by Martin Luther King, Jr.    They discussed traits and abilities of leaders, like employing peaceful methods and being able to bring people together for a common cause.  They analyzed the leadership potential within them. The students then wrote about their own dreams for the future.

By Morah Zina

Paradigm Shifts

As part of the Leader in Me program the students are learning about paradigm shifts, which is when someone changes their thinking or belief about something.  This usually happens as a result of an event or interaction.  At the beginning of the year Mrs. Greenwald read a few books to the third and fourth graders and asked them to tell about the paradigm shifts which occurred in them.  Among the books read were: Chrysanthemum and Julius, The Baby of the World, both by the author Kevin Henkes, a wonderful children's author whose books also have great adult appeal.

In fourth grade, we are almost at the end of
 Lunch Money by Andrew Clements.  As we read the book some very interesting discussions occur. Last week one of the students suddenly realized that the main character, Greg, had experienced a paradigm shift.  It is exciting to see evidence of how the Leader in Me is helping our students to understand and identify actions and interactions in everyday life, and how the principles are becoming a natural part of their language.

By Mrs. Greenwald

Thinking Win-Win

The second and third grade classes are thinking "win-win" with Habit 4! Last week the third graders collaborated with the second graders and worked together by forming groups to brainstorm and then perform the different scenarios they had envisioned. Through this interactive activity students demonstrated their understanding of Habit 4: "Think Win'Win," which was achieved by acting out "lose-lose," "lose-win" and win-win " situations. The outcome of this exercise was incredible and their ideas were one-of-a-kind. The students now truly understand what it means to live by the golden rule, "Treat others the way you would like to be treated!"

By Ms. Merker

Monday, January 11, 2016

I can see the Leader in Me!

As part of our unit "All About Me" the pre-k class created a mirror where they could see "The Leader in Me"!

The Language of Leader in Me

It's very interesting to see how the language of Leader in Me has 'taken hold' in our school.  Today, in third grade, we were going over a reading comprehension test which the children had taken last week.  One of the stories in the test was a fable about a lazy grasshopper who watched some hardworking ants storing food for the winter, while he relaxed in the sun.  When I asked the students to tell me the message or lesson in the story, one said, "The grasshopper wasn't beginning with the end in mind,' and another said, "He didn't put first things first."  A third student said, "He should've been more proactive and helped the ants."  Steven Covey would be proud!