Friday, April 1, 2016

Green Team at GBDS

Below is a letter written by our very own middle school students who are a part of the PR team for the “Green Team” at GBDS. The PR team includes Dani Wieselberg, Samantha Rigante, Ariella Burnstein, and Kaylee Maines.

Read below to see important updates and information about the Green Team and associated upcoming events.

Dear Parents,

        The middle school students are working together to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem within our school. Using the Leader in Me model, the Middle School has formed a Green Team that is coordinating many events. We have four different teams working hard to accomplish our goals of starting seeds in our greenhouse, transplanting seedlings to the raised bed planters, and promoting recycling throughout the school.

          Our Design team is creating raised bed planters in the shape of a Star of David. Our Planning team is searching for plants to beautify the school as well as vegetables to use in our lunch program. The kindergarten class has joined the Green Team and will help plant seeds and care for all plants. Our Recycling team is synergizing with the fourth grade by recycling plastic containers such as yogurt, deli food, takeout meals, and other plastics. They are also planning to collect and recycle electronics. The final team is the Public Relations group which is organizing and advertising our ideas of the ultimate greenhouse experience. The team is designing flyers, advertisements, press releases, and Green Team t-shirts. Students in the entire school will be active participants in the Green Team’s efforts to make the school environmentally friendly using the Greenhouse and raised beds as outdoor classrooms.

         The Green Team is also planning a celebration, co-presented with the school’s STEAM partner, PicoTurbine. At the event, the Green Team will unveil the school’s greenhouse and raised bed garden, highlight hydroponic gardening, and build mini greenhouses. In addition, PicoTurbine will be bring 3D printers allowing us to quickly design and print planters for a hydroponic garden. Please join the Green Team at the Green Team project and Green House dedication on May 15 from 12:00 to 3:00 at The Academies at Gerrard Berman Day School.


PR Team

GBDS Green Team